WMU Player Recruitment Policy


  • To establish a consistent and uniform policy regarding the recruitment of players from other youth soccer clubs or teams outside of West-Mont.
  • To prohibit the recruitment of players by a West-Mont coach, parent, player or any other member to transfer to another soccer club or team outside of West-Mont, unless specifically approved by the West-Mont Board of Directors.
  • To prohibit facilitating, guiding, or organizing any communication or other action that allows for another youth soccer club or team to recruit West-Mont players.
  • To establish penalties for any violation of this Policy.
  • This Policy applies to all West-Mont youth soccer programs, including but not limited to Premier, Travel and intramural programs.
  • This policy does not apply to leagues or other events not sanctioned by US Youth Soccer or US Club Soccer, such as winter recreational leagues at the “YSC” or “422 Sportsplex”.  It also does not apply to players acting as “guest players” for tournaments while still on a West-Mont team roster.


  • The Director of Coaching will be responsible for day-to-day management of this policy.
  • All actions regarding violations of this policy must be reviewed and approved by the West-Mont Board before any action is taken.



It is acceptable to announceWest-Mont United premier and travel team tryouts to other clubs and to players of other clubs along with an associated invitation to attend such try-outs. Moreover, it is also permissible for a coach to discuss with a player of another club or parent of a player of another club future participation of that player with a West-Mont United team if theWest-Mont United coach has been first contacted by the player or parent of the player. It is the sole discretion of the Board of Directors of West-Mont United Association whether or not any behavior constitutes recruiting and to take any action against such behavior.

It is not permitted to entice players to attend tryouts with any special offer or promise not offered to all other players.  This includes, but is not limited to, offering free or discounted fees, not requiring a tryout,  or a financial incentive.


West-Mont fully realizes that part of competitive sports is that players may opt at their own choosing to transfer to non-West-Mont teams for any reason.  That is a personal decision made by players and their parents/guardians.   West-Mont coaches may give their feedback if requested by them.

West-Mont strictly prohibits any West-Mont coach, player, parent, or other member from initiating contact with another West-Mont player or their parent/guardian in any way for the purpose of transferring to non-West-Mont affiliated team.  Additionally, it is prohibited that any West-Mont member facilitate, organize or guide a representative of a non-West-Mont soccer club or team to communicate with any West-Mont player or their parent/guardian for the purpose of recruiting.


If a possible violation is suspected, the details are to be reported to the West-Mont Board of Directors.  At that time, the President will appoint an individual or committee to investigate the complaint.  This investigation  may include, but is not limited to contacting and/or interviewing any possibly affected West-Mont players and/or their parents/guardians, representatives of non-West-Mont club or team, and any governing soccer leagues or associations, such as EPYSA, DELCO, or PAGS.  Upon completion of the investigation, the West-Mont Board of Directors will review the findings and take appropriate actions, if they deem any to be required.

Penalties for violating this Policy may include, but are not limited to temporary or lifetime suspension or expulsion of West-Mont membership, removal from a team, and pursuit of charges with EPYSA.

The decision of the West-Mont Board may be appealed within 30 days of notice of the Board decision.  Appeals must be submitted via certified US Mail.  Verbal and e-mail appeal requests will not be considered.  Appeals must include specific details of why an appeal should be considered.  Within 60 days of receipt, the Board will either set up a meeting to discuss the appeal or reply that the request for an appeal has been declined.  



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