Requirements For Volunteer & Staff Coaches

Starting Fall, 2019, EPYS and US Soccer has instituted new rules for coaching. All coaches must register through Stack Sports. The following items need to be uploaded in the system to be cleared. Once you are cleared, and only then, will you be assigned your team. 

The items required are below:

  • Coach's Stack Sports registration link
  • Upload a headshot photo to your Stack Sports account
  • Complete the Concussion Training Certificate tab
  • Complete the Abuse Prevention Certificate tab– SafeSport (Abuse Prevention Certificate): this certificate must be completed and is federal law before anyone can be granted access to coach/manage a team in the US. This takes 90 minutes to complete. However, the following year is a refresher and only takes 20 minutes. To coach or be any type of club official in the US you must obtain the SafeSport certification.
  • PA Clearances – Uploaded as ONE file (good for 5 years) 

 The Concussion certificate is uploaded in the concussion section, the PA clearances are uploaded in the Safety section and the SafeSport certificate is uploaded in the Abuse section. 

 Please reach out to Dave Santos at with questions.   





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