West-Ham ID Camp: First hand experience with Dominic Robustelli

1. Tell us a little bit about your family and your involvement with soccer.

Michael (Father): Played at Lionville (Travel Program) and Malvern Prep

Dominic (Son): At Present, plays for WMU 2008 Boys United. Dominic has played soccer since he was 3 Years Old and now his youngest brother Anthony follows his footsteps as he plays within the WMU Nippers program.


2. How many kids do you have and at what ages did they start attending West Ham ID Camp?

Dominic: Started attending the West Ham United ID Camps at the age of 8, he has attended both annual ID Camps hosted at West-Mont United and was also invited and attended the National ID Camp in Atlanta, Georgia.


3. What events have you attended?

2016 – West Ham United ID Camp @ HillTop Soccer Complex (WMU)

2017 – West Ham United ID Camp @ HillTop Soccer Complex (WMU)

2017 – West Ham United F.C. National ID Camp @ Atlanta, Georgia


4. How have your kids benefited from West Ham ID Camp has put on?

Michael: Without a Doubt, Dominic has been able to improve his overall skill level in all areas of the game.


5. What has been the most valuable thing your kids have gained from these events?

Michael: Learning from another coach, I feel it’s important to learn and receive feedback from as many different coaches.


6. In what ways has the WHU ID Camp impacted their development as soccer players?

Michael: It has provided Dominic other tools from a different coaches’ standpoint.


7. What has your experience been like on the UK West Ham ID Event?

N/A. We have decided to delay our invite to the 2019/20 Season. The Club and Affiliation have been very flexible with our decision.


8. What was (Player) experience like at the West Ham United Residential Academy?

Michael: Dominic loved the experience, the experience to play with like-minded players with a high level of play really stepped up his game. It also gave him a view of the different playing cultures and international competition.


9. And lastly, a fun one… Who is your favorite pro club?! 

Dominic: Manchester City Fan